Managing Your Data for Labeling

By Mike Dorris

Data about your business and industry drives the decisions you make. You count on the data to be accurate and accessible, so you can make those decisions at the optimal time.

One critical component of data use is the labeling of seed. Sending the wrong seed or seed that is incorrectly labeled to a customer is bad business that is expensive. The cost of correcting such a mistake is huge, when you consider the average size of customers’ orders and the yields from the resultant crop. It is easy to see how an error could affect the crop’s value. As one seed production company president put it: “Worst case, it could wipe out our year.”

That is a realistic concern, given the way many seed companies handle this crucial data. They often choose two systems: one dealing with production management and another handling tags on the seed bags. But the systems usually are not connected. So each day seed lot details are manually re-keyed from one system to the other. One simple distraction – a phone call or picking up a dropped pen – could cause details of two lots to be accidentally transposed, exposing the business to considerable risk.

Connecting these and other systems combines operational silos, eliminates data and procedural errors, reduces risk and provides a more cost-effective, secure service for your customers.




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