“I need to see everything."


Inaccurate Projections

Inaccurate grower projections lead to bloated inventory or no inventory, equaling lost sales.

Seed Returns

Returns require costly retesting, re-bagging and storage, pushing sales to next season.

Unused Inventory

Large amounts of unused and unwanted inventory tie up cash, destroying the bottom line.


“To make informed production and staffing decisions, I need access to reliable data.”

Data Integrity

To meet our customers’ demands, everyone has to trust the data. Bookings, forecasts and projections all have to line up.


We need to ensure we get information out of the sales team’s heads and into my planning process. This gives us confidence in the reports, and helps us avoid last-minute surprises.


I need to know what’s happening at every step of the process to make appropriate adjustments to reach our goals and keep everyone informed of those changes.


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